The First Day

The First day

I see it all the time, people quitting their jobs so that they can live a life that serves their purpose, I have given inspiring speeches to friends and work colleagues about living life “coz you’ve only got one!” and only one month ago I was beating my head against the Figurative brick wall trying to fashion a way of cramming all aspects of my best life around a job that drained the soul from my body.

But after a very compassionate talk with my support Steve ( Best kind of support you can find!) I came to a decision to hand my notice of resignation in and look after me for a change.

So how did it turn out? Who knows? Today is the first day of living my purpose. Today I am attempting to build this website and I have to say I have a very tense spot on my shoulder as I am typing this.

I have spent years putting my whole self into the projects and businesses of others, so now it is time to believe in my own creations. And I hope to help YOU find inspiration, clarity, and confidence in yourself during my journey.

I will post as much as I can about the steps, great, good, frustrating and down right hair pulling in hopes that along my road to full time illustration I can help others wade the depths of starting out as an illustrator, without that judgemental tone that I see in so many blogs, that sort of thing just solidifies Impostor syndrome. This Creative world welcomes all of us, there need not be in competition between kindred spirits, just a need for unconditional support, sharing and Learning.


“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.”

― Paulo Coelho

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