Wadda Month!


What a month indeed, a long long month jam packed to the brim with learning and a smidge of self neglect.

So, the good news is I finished my course! All boxes ticked. I am super happy about that because to be honest it’s the first time I have actually completed higher education. So, HEH! Big pats on the back for me.

It got a bit scary there for a while. I had an assessment module, “using advanced features of computer applications” which induced a lot of yelling at my computer, a lot of standing up and walking away and mostly tight muscles around the old shoulders and brows, and mostly a lot of me saying, “I don’t think I’m gonna make it, I don’t think I can pass this one ( too much left side brain work for me to be honest).

As a person who has almost completely avoided anything Excel, this was a struggle! But I managed to pass this boss battle assessment, after rummaging through UH-LOT of articles, images and video how to guides, I found a handful of people and tutorials that really worked for me.

The two other assessments were easy as pie in comparison,  I completed was a super fun design assessment where I was required to design a unique deck of cards. This assessment was extremely inspiring, My deck was called Historic Heroines – the girls they didn’t tell you about at school.

I am excited to announce that the Historic Heroines concept is a project that will come into fruition overtime.

Did you know there were 7 Female Pharaohs of Egypt? no? nor did I until I started research for this project. I am all about giving recognition to those who deserve it, but who don’t get the acknowledgement, so I am soooo flipping excited for this project.

Here, enjoy a sneaky peaky.  

The other assessment being Photography, which I don’t love. I don’t love at all. I don’t hate looking at Photography, especially if it is someone else’s photography, but it just isn’t my Jam, so if I can avoid another photography course I will.

I spent the week after completion trying to catch up on some things that got put on the way side during that time, but I think a lot of that time was spent winding down from the energy I had been living through for those few hectic weeks.

Now since I promised that this blog would hopefully be helpful for others like myself who are starting out in the business of creativity, I guess I do have some helpful tips regarding this past month.

  1. Schedule Time to relax.

I know everyone says it, but seriously, allow yourself some down time. My biggest problem while I was doing this was that I was trying to use every single hour of the day to study and complete tasks.

Burn Out is real kids! Even if you love what you’re doing, you can still burn out, and you’re not going to do anything properly as long as youre enslaving yourself.  I can count on one half of my hand how many nights I slept properly. This led to me fumbling and messing up, and waste time on fixing needless issues, I even made a quick call to the poisons hotline because I accidentally doubled up on my medication because I was running on empty and just performing the motions.  

Insomnia is a major issue for me at the best of times, but when I’m stressed, I really lose control of my ability to sleep. I will definitely be writing a blog post about sleep tips for the busy mind very soon, but 1 hour before bed is NOT enough time to wind down.

So, like my dad always said, ‘haste makes waste’ you’re not going to do anything properly if you are unable to function properly. Slow down, be kind to yourself and make your time spent on tasks count.

2. Write a tasks list and stick to it.

Seriously this is the most useful thing I can do for myself.

 Write it in point form before you start work, and cross it off as you go. I read somewhere that if you do the smaller tasks first, you will utilize your time better.

 there are a couple of reasons you should do it like this, one theory is that you save time doing it this way, and give yourself more time for the larger tasks. But the thing I really get from this method is, after you have crossed off a bunch of stuff from your list you have a sense of achievement and I don’t know about you, but this makes me more adamant on completing the rest. The sense of accomplishment for me personally is really rewarding and addictive which motivates me to continue to tick the rest of the boxes.

3. Always ASK!

Not asking is one of my major self-destructive habits. I have this extremely opinionated part of myself who always tells me that I am inconveniencing people or behaving selfishly by asking for help. You just need to ignore that jerk, take a deep breath and ask someone for help.

I was getting pretty damn close to my deadline and I still had a heck of a lot of work to do. I needed to wait for feedback before I could move onto the next task. I paced my house a few thousand times then finally had to tell myself if I didn’t ask for help, I wouldn’t meet the deadline. If I didn’t meet the deadline, all the time, effort and money would have been spent for nothing.

 I emailed my facilitator, explained my problem, asked if she could help me, and she did! Honestly if I didn’t ask her, I wouldn’t be telling you of my success now. Its always a good idea to thank those that help you by the way, I find a lot of the time people easily forget this, you don’t have to give them your first born, but acknowledging when someone has given you their time and attention is the right thing to do, and so often people don’t do that.

The next time I need to ask for help, or a Question I shouldn’t think of how I’m inconveniencing someone ( after all they can always say no) but I need to remind myself of how I willing I would be if someone asked me for help. Its time to start creating healthy helpful parts of my thoughts and ditch the little snarky Debbie downer ones.

4. Just a quick one before you fall asleep from TMI, prep your food! It saves time, money and guilt. Just spend a Sunday cooking nice healthy things, freeze them in lunch boxes (reusable please) and defrost them each day. Its just one less thing to worry about, especially of you’re like me and still have to feed your little clan.

I want to thank everyone who has been so supportive and patient with me, I have been slow moving starting this illustration thang, but I figure, do it all properly now and the rewards will follow. You can’t be half arsed with your dreams can you now? And as a thanks here is a cheeky pic of my lovely friend Corz I managed to squeeze in between assessments for her birthday.

Couldn’t afford a real Raptor so I drew her one instead.

Until Next time


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