5 last minute Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas.

Its only a couple of days until Christmas! Now if you have missed the post dates that will get your gifts to the recipient on time or you’re still stumped to what you’re going to gift your family on the day, I am here to help you get your shit together!

I myself have just emerged from the anxiety of Christmas car park feuds, loud crowds and ZERO social Distancing by shoppers who are grabbing stuff off the shelves like its 2020 toilet paper… only to get home and realise that I forgot one or two things in my Christmas induced tunnel vision.

So what now? My family live a Godzillion Kilometers away, OR they will be on my doorstep expecting christmas lunch in THREE DAYS! I need to get it together and save this Christmas!

Too many PEOPLE!
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But enough freaking out, Lets find a solution.

I have looked at Christmas with a particularly different set of eyes this year.

I see the big stores with truck loads of cheap plastic crap on their shelves at ridiculously minimal prices and the stuff is really not even worth it anyway. I mean how many times do I have to buy my partner set of BBQ utensils before I catch on to the pattern of them breaking in the first 5 uses?

But now I don’t just look at how tacky and typical these gifts are, I see a vision of what they’re made of, how they’re made, who and what suffered for it and if I can justify spending hard earned cash money on something that I know is a blood gift. A little dramatic I know, but tell that to the poor woman in Bangladesh hoping to high heaven that the building isn’t going to collapse around her, or tell it to the millions of sea creatures who get to ingest all the Christmas glitter for their Christmas lunch.

I know it got a bit dark there, but those are the facts and facts are always important.

and here is my wish to father christmas this year.

Dear Father Christmas, Santa Nick or whatever you call yourself these days,

For Christmas I wish for a safe and healthy future for the earth, all of the animals, boys and girls, young and old, trees and future inhabitants of this planet. I wish that the people of the future will still be able to see a rain forest or a bear in real life, and that sustainable energy and life if the ONLY option.

oh and I hope you still have plenty of snow at the north pole.

Love Ainsley

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So here is the list of…

5 last minute Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas that stay true to your values of creating a clean and healthy future for our planet.

#1 Home made treats

A box of these babies give off that feeling of wholesomeness, and of course they are delicious! The world is your oyster when it comes to what you can make or bake for someone you love. cookies, chocolates with organic ingredients, a loose leaf tea selection with diffuser box of seasonal fruit. there is a never ending list of delicious thing to make and eat. I posted my father a box of home made rocky road this year and I’m pretty convinced that the treat didn’t survive until Christmas, but he was delighted with the gift, probably much more than if I bought him a novelty beer cooler!

If you’re on Australian shores I am going to change your life forever. check out the source bulk food for an amazing selection of organic Teas and cute mindful ways to drink it!

#2 Electronic and audio books

Look I love holding a book as much as the next person, but you can’t deny the numerous benefits that having an electronic book or audiobook have.

 Firstly, the item isn’t physically manufactured, so that’s a great start! Secondly you can email the gift, and thirdly there is nothing quite so good as being able to use your hands, cook dinner or go for a walk and listen to an awesome audiobook.

This guy knows how its done!
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I’m just going to put this here..

You might also find that in a lot of cases electronic PDF books are less pricey than physical books, they are always available, and you don’t have to trapes the world in search of the title you’re after.

That ticks all my boxes!

There are countless websites and apps which offer these books. Personally, I wound up with Audible, it works for me because I can work and listen all at the same time. As a workaholic I cannot justify sitting for an hour and reading while I can’t draw or create at the same time. Seriously my hands are always doing something, But I have plenty of friends who just love to read.

I stumbled upon a gifting section in audible where you can gift a title to someone with a purchase or by using a credit. My mum and I are always sharing titles with each other, so guess what she’s getting for Christmas.

wink wink
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Also never underestimate the power of a gorgeous downloadable PDF Art book. or better still, one from the artist themselves by going to their website and buying from their shop!

#3 Pre Loved Beauties

You can find All sorts of things at the Op shop/ thrift store. Some are more up market and have more of a boutique feel than others, but you can get creative, think outside the box and find some really unique and glorious stuff!

This is the ultimate Sustainable gift giving option. And before I lose you, check this out

not going to lie.. some of this stuff wont make it under the tree, like the paisley silk dress.

One of my most treasured gifts that my youngest son ever gave me was a retro glass swan he found at the Tip, (or Dump, whatever you prefer) I’m not suggesting you go get your Christmas gifts straight from landfill, all I’m saying Is that in a throw away society like ours, you can find some really magical things that someone simply didn’t want anymore.

I mean look at this beautiful thing! and not a chip or scratch.

You can go one step further by giving a pdf version of the new bohemians handbook, to get them good an inspired!

In my area alone there are 6 op shops that I can name off the top of my head, my point is, they are absolutely everywhere, write a list of what you’re looking for and get foraging!

Some other great places to find wonderful unique gifts are freecycle, Facebook buy, swap and sell, or Facebook market place. people are posting on these sites all the time some of the stuff they have on offer is more than generous for its price and quality!

#4 Other Downloadable content

Its not just Books that you can email to a Faraway relative! My family buy me a year subscription to Spotify every mothers day. I seriously can’t live without it, so they better not stop this little tradition!

Here is a list to get you thinking

-Music subscriptions

-Downloadable games

-Subscriptions for television, courses, magazines etc

-Online gift cards, for just about any shop out there.

-Digital money transfer

Just about any online shop has a Gift voucher for all kinds of things, electronics, makeup, clothing, food, alcohol… the list is endless.

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#5 Experiences

There is a world of fun and wonder out there to be enjoyed, and to top it off there are bunches of professionals out there who can make it super easy for you.

When it comes to buying an unforgettable experience for someone you love the list is endless! I could state the obvious and list things like bungee jumping, sky diving and all of those other activities designed to scare the bejesus out of people, but there is so much more than that.

This Kind of gift is called a “No Thanks”
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Here are a few ideas to get you warmed up. Tree tops climbing, Escape rooms, Whale watching, Aquarium, Zoo, Lunch on a ship, Trips! The list goes on! There are so many websites these experiences can be found, they will really get you thinking… just don’t get lost looking!

Give them wonder and amazement for Christmas.
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Some of these experiences can be a bit pricey so If you’re a bit strapped for cash or have to stick to a secret Santa price range keep in mind some experiences are very affordable, and sometimes you can get a great deal!

Alternatively, you could make an experience voucher for something you create and organise yourself for instance; A magical hike with a delicious picnic at your target destination, an art gallery day and dinner, or even an at home theatre decorated with cushions and fairy lights complete with snacks!

Get creative, personalise the experience, you won’t regret it, some of my most memorable days were just driving to a river on a warm afternoon and taking our dinner with us.  


lets talk wrapping!

I never have an issue getting the wrapping paper I love because I make my own out of brown recycled paper and home made stamps! you can of course get your own stamps (which can often be found by using the method in #3 wink wink) or make your own from old worn out erasers and a scalpel, but please be careful!

A Box of swirly brown paper.

I use raffia to tie it and if I need tape I use paper tape, all of these things are compostable!

another alternative is pre-loved gift bags and boxes, believe me you will manage to restock by boxing day!

so that’s it kids, I hope I have helped settle your last minute gift idea nerves, so that you can go and enjoy the most important part of the silly season… THE FOOD!

Just kidding its totally the time we spend with the ones we love!

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See you in the new year!


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